Pol Marban

let me introduce myself, for all those who do not know me, and to refresh the memory of those who do.

Born in Menorca, in a cold winter in 1985. Since I was little I was interested in the visual arts, manual processes, individual freedom, and technique.

After difficult adolescence, and with the interest still alive in art, at that time focused on my interest in urban art, I decided to resume my studies, in this case with the baccalaureate of arts offered by the School of Art of Menorca, many They are the memories of those years, both generated by me and by the teachers and staff of the School, with a somewhat Indie attitude on my part …

The next logical step after the Bachelor’s was to start Fine Arts, and I did so, in what at that time was an incipient and very fresh University within the options I had.

The Altea Campus welcomed my next years of study and personal growth.

After finishing this learning cycle, I jumped into the mud without a parachute, 12 years later we continued this journey of self-management, growth, and learning based on hosts like bread. And many joys on the other hand, such as being the first recipient of the Reynolds Foundation, or being the winner of the Gold Medal of the Salón de Primavera de Menorca in its 2015 edition. My career at the project level is diluted between personal proposals, with exhibitions, creation of paintings and some sporadic sculpture, the independent organization of art exhibitions, creation of studios for local artists, events, artistic residencies, mural festivals, commissioned works. and lately wall paintings like the one in the astronomical observatory.

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