Natalia Politowa

Natalia Politowa is a plastic artist of Russian and German origins, established in Barcelona. Graduated from the prestigious Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2012, her artistic activity is divided between fashion design and painting. Since moving to Barcelona she has been collaborating with the young artist collective Art Lover Ground, with which she has exhibited several times, even showing her work at the influential ARCO art fair in Madrid

 Her minimalist, but at the same time expressive and dynamic style, precise technique, and innovative way of presenting her paintings, have generated great expectation in Barcelona’s young artist’s scene. Natalia Politowa‘s usual working process is based on the use of three or four acrylic colors mixed with chalk and carbon creating a minimalistic expression, leaving more space and attention to the fine lines and movements of the drawing lines. In her current works, she‘s focussing on deconstructing the format using separate papers and taping them together as a platform for the drawing, with the aim to create movement between the tapes and the edges of the paper, and of course the proper dynamic drawing.

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