Elisa De La Torre

Doctor in BBAA from the UCLM, 2020. Trained in Fine Arts and Humanities from the UFV (Madrid). BBAA at the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and UFV (Madrid). Master in Stamping Techniques, Illustration and Artistic Coining at the Casa de la Moneda RCM-UCLM Engraving School.

She is currently a professor at the UFV.

Some of the exhibitions in which she has participated are Espacio Mados, Backyard Gallery, Montsequi Gallery, Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Theredoom Gallery, Würth de la Rioja Museum, Royal Mint Museum.

She has participated in fairs such as ArtMadrid, Hybrid, and Almoneda.

She has carried out residencies at the University of Lorraine in France, Centro Aleti in Rome, and Alfara Gráfica in Salamanca

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